Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Ajeeb Hai

Hello Readers,

This is my first blog and it’s Friendship’s Day i couldn’t find any better moment to start blogging😘

Here’s to all the Best Friends who have undergone the below pipeline

Strangers–>college ke 1st day wale friends–>hie bye friends–>lectures bhaithane wale friends–>bunk karwane wale friends–>frankie khane wale friends–>pamplet khilane wale friends–>parenthood friends–>enemies wale friends–>sorry yaar galti ho gayi maaf karde wale friends–>Police station me dalne wale friends–>jaan bachane wale bhi friends–>haasane wale friends–>tho rulane wale bhi Friends–>jaan he aise friends–>setting karane wale friends–>watt lagane wale bhi vahi friends–>rabb se mangwaya he aisa friend–>exam pass karane wale friends–>real life examples set karne wale friends–>life ka real mazza dilane wale friends–>bas aise hi he mere Best Friend😘

We never realise how time flies away, but while looking back it all seems like a pure Hindi Dramatic Movie. Friends are for life, precious than diamond and cheaper than a rupee chocolate. They can neither be compared nor can be stolen.

Cheers to all the best friends out there🙌🍻

Happy Friendship’s Day😎😘


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