Note from a girl to a girl

Being a girl is by God’s grace but being a boyish girl is exactly my choice. It’s not shoddy to be and dress up like a boy, well it’s just a matter of choice.

Years back i was a shy girl, everyone around me used to laugh at the way i dress and carry myself, nobody ever cared to talk to me because i wasn’t the one who was covered up with the artificial beauty. Never ever had i  applied lipstick, mascara, wore one piece, straighten or curled hair. Being simple was all that i carried along with me.

But today getting up early and seeing a face without make up brings relief to inner peace. To think like a boy to wear like a boy even to be surrounded by boys is my bowl of cherries. Even if i looked like a tomboy doesn’t make me out of this community. 

We hardly tolerate girls trauma, cheezy lines doesn’t work on us, getting screwed up doesn’t make our life end, being single for a long time is not a flaw but an honour, crying on somebody’s shoulder is not what we look for, being particular about my looks doesn’t matter, impressing someone is always at the end of our wish list, we choose shoes over heels, we wear tees rather than one piece, messy hair is our trend, riding bike doesn’t make us shy, being called papa’s boy is our confidence, shouting out loud is way better than whispering, boyfriend.. lol.. yeah we are kind of boy-friend.

We look after a man who accepts us the way we are because handling us is not even his cup of tea.

Proud being a Boyish Girl!!


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