Complicated, it is!!

​21s century, A complete pack of complications.

What is complication if not referred to a dictionary…. Complication is when i step into a potholes all by myself and cant even blame anyone for it. Yeah today is the era of complications.

When i was a kid the most complicated thing for me was to select between writing with a pen or a pencil. While today’s kids are complicated whether to be or not be in a relationship. Time changed but complication didn’t. Complications is still the same, every human being is complicated. New born baby is sometimes complicated to understand because of it Dumsharaaz (explaining things via actions). Boss is complicated to understand as what does he wants from the employee. Friends are complicated whether to stay in relationship or friendship. Early morning are complicated between tea and coffee, Saturday’s are complicated either to take bath or not to take bath. Birthday’s are complicated what to respond after thank you. Shopping becomes complicated with the selection between  jeans and jeggings.

You see.. nothing in this world is simple. Complications are attached to everything and without any expiry date on it 

But what i saw different is Complicated life have given us an opportunity to try new tastes, different cultures, clothing, new types of relationship and even adds flavours to life. Complications if taken care properly will definitely be the fruitful thing and if not if may even show you stars in the day. 


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