Valsad CITY and not GAON, Please!!

I know you might not be aware about this city’s name. Because when i used to travel to different cities or states around country i found many different and clueless reaction from people after listening to where i am from. 

So here’s to all the people who think valsad is a goan because you have never heard about it.

Valsad a city of peace. This city was earlier known as Bulsar it’s a municipality in the valsad district of the Indian state of Gujarat. This city is majorly covered with Gujarati people followed by many different religions as well (Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, and Zoroastrian)

This city is famous for its yummy Gujarati food : khaman, dholka, khakhra, methi thepla, kadhi, vada pav, chass and many more. If you want to try out some tasty restaurants here it is.

Happiness Palour

Maduli Restaurant

Desi Dhaba 

Hotel Orizon

Udipi Restaurant

Follow the links for best restaurants and their locations 

Tithal Beach… ahha valsad is just incomplete without Tithal Beach, it’s the best tourism attraction surrounded by Swaminaraya Mandir, Sai baba Mandir and street food stalls at the beach. 

Tithal beach is now the reflection of Marine Lines (mumbai) with amazing arrangement of stones and seats, one can relax there and enjoy the sunset with cool breeze and street foods like Bhajiya with chutney, Dabeli, coconut water, chat( secondary option).

Not only this but Valsad is also famous for Alphonso Mangoes (also known as Haafus aam). Summers are best here with delicious sweet Mangoes. Haafus aam are the only source of income for the villagers at times.

The Haafus mango is exported to various countries of the world such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and also to cities throughout India. The city also has a Mango Market containing more than 300 Mango Shops which stay fully crowded at the time of Mango Season which is Indian summer — specifically April to June.

Valsad is slowly and steadily moving towards the Metro city. You will also find Sai Leela Mall with latest shopping brands, spa, hotels, and Food court.D-Mart, Domino’s, Pizza hub have added an easy comfort for the valsadians. 

How can i forget this..Navratri – the festival of lights, colour’s, music, dhol, and Garba costumes.The festival is celebrated for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October. Not only the youth but all age groups of people participate and enjoy the Gujarati beats on Navratri. Navratri nights are the best nights in the city. 

Notable people from Valsad city : 

‌• Freddie Mercury (lead vocalists of the rock band Queen)

‌• Moraji Desai

‌• Nirupa Roy

‌• Bindu (actress)

I guess after Reading all this its clear Valsad is a well-known city and not a small goan of Gujarat. Many of us have moved to different metro cities, states, and country but still valsad is still in our hearts and we can never forget it.

Note : I know i might be missing many things about this city, but even this little info can give you a view about Valsad city

Chota sa city hai par apna hai 😇


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