​Diet..Whats that?

DIET…lol where did this word come from? 

I think it’s saying “Darling Eat That“.

Are you the one who regularly follows a strict diet then i think this one’s not for you but yes.. if you are the one who says a big NO to diet.. continue reading..

DIET has DIE in it.. so give it a thought before going on diet. Best creation of human creature till date is food then how can we even compromise on it, Right?

People out there are setting up variety of food food places, bar, cafeteria, canteen, chophouse, coffee shop, joint, hideaway, hotels, cafes and restaurants.. if they are taking up so much efforts to bring new taste to food than we shouldn’t let it go waste. Two things should always go hand in hand and that’s ‘Eat’ & ‘Travel’.Girls are on diet for months to get a flat belly..have you ever realized you have wasted a whole month of delicious yummy food. An entire month of awesomeness. 

Always ask yourself before going on diet, can I survive without social media? Can i click a selfie without a phone? No Right..then how u can be without food? 

Don’t you think having a belly full with food is better than an empty flat tummy. A tummy full with food has a mind full of beautiful thoughts(that’s how i think) i feed my tummy and that feeds my Brain and if ever i lost my mind or say u find me doing stupid illogical stuff the only and solely reason behind it is an empty stomach(that’s true 😂).

I believe we should never dishearten the hard work of all the chefs out there. Respect their hard work and eat whatever they have to serve you

If Work is worship than a meal and tummy are meant to be in relationship..hahaha

Have u ever given a thought ‘A filled up Tummy also saves money’ here is it how- lets imagine you have a tummy full with yummy food and you go out to the super market to buy groceries and here’s where it work. You pick up all the necessary items you require and its proven.. going to supermarket for getting only 4 items in mind never works.. you always come out with 20 more unwanted items, so in this occasion when you have your tummy full you will not have any desire or cravings to buy the extra unwanted stuff (psychologically proven) and there’s where you save your money without spending unnecessarily.

Diet gives birth to mood swings and mood swings give birth to break ups and fights. So its highly recommended to eat first and think later.

A thought before eating is Dangerous but a thought after eating is Marvellous. 

Eat as much as you can until u have this awesome life. Because it’s the only thing that will never disappoint you(unless you are on strict diet..lol)

C’mon foodies put on your hoodies and go out and get some goodies 😂


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