Keep Recharging!!

How do you recharge your creative spirit?

Do you troll the internet doing research& finding inspiration, or do you sign off and go make something out of your research?

Well..I came across many people who are just so low. Talking to them shows how desperately they need to recharge themselves. I have one of my friends who always use ‘Yaar’ in his every sentence, like

‘I’m so happy for you yaar’ 

‘Lets hangout soon yaar’

‘Party tho banti he yaar’

‘Yeeaay i got a new job yaar’

‘Facebook has so many trolls yaar’

Oh god, so much of sadness in one freaking word (Yaar). Even the happy moments turn sad after adding that word.. so just think what will happen to the sad moments..better lets not think about it😜(stay away from such people as much as possible)

It’s all simply clear.. Dude you just need to recharge your gesture, the way you speak, the words you choose, the attitude you carry, understanding the situation and choose words wisely. No one around you will ever do this on your behalf, they will guide or explain you but executing that in life is your task now. 

Often our mood graph goes from North Pole to South pole and never at equator reason can be anything friends, collogues, family, job, studies etc. and to act cool in every situation is our part to handle. Lets have an example on this. We all recharge our mobile when we know balance is going LOW it isn’t that the company comes to you and says “hey i will recharge it on your behalf”. Never will the company say this to you, similarly at everytime when you feel low or your inner soul is drowning keep recharging yourself with positive thoughts and ideas to it. 

Set goals, think and work on your dreams, exercise, look at your progress, Fake it..till you make it, accept imperfections, and get support. Keep motivating yourself after every hour (if needed) and see the change in you. See the battery percentage in your body it will quickly recharge itself.

Sun rises and it even sets that doesn’t mean the day ends it means it’s time for a new day now. Change your way of looking to the world and see how things get charged automatically 😀


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