​Stumped up!!

Whether its day or night, summer or winter time never stops for anyone. Today I have a short story to describe on how these 4 entrepreneur stumped their pitch

Four friends working in well-established firms in top MNC’s, earning say 1 to 2 lakhs per month. They all had an startup plan in their mind from last 3 years but couldn’t execute the idea into the real world. But one fine day they finally gave it shot to jump into the start-up business. 

The idea was easy to imagine but to convert into real was not that easy as it looked. Its rightly said, to start a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. No one can leave a well do job and salary package easily. Majorly the issue is faced by the salaried people because their life is all depended upon their monthly salary. Managing family making them understand about the startup is another task. Cost cutting, leaving comfort zone, finding investors, competitors, revenue, funding and sacrifices at every step. 

That’s what the 4 of them did. They dropped their jobs, left their comfort zone, cut off all unnecessary expenses, went against their families, Why? Because they all had confidence to start something on their own, working for self is way better then working for others. It is tough in the beginning but is not impossible. They took their idea from investors to investors, many rejected because they didn’t see growth in the plan, others because they found their idea to be risky, others because their idea was already taken by someone else. Now here the biggest obstacle is, their are already many similar and stable products and companies in the market, they need to have something different and unique from others.

That’s what they had, though their idea was taken away by someone else still their minds, their thoughts, their motivation, their trust, support, confidence in themselves was strong and they believed if the idea that was copied now was once their formation, so if that can be made so a new and different idea can again be generated only if they had trust and support of each other. Nothing is impossible. People may stab you in the back but giving them a smile is return is something that will keep you different and unique.

And they finally made it, customizing their own product and selling it into the market and investors were lined for them and they nailed it.

Stay positive because your morals are stumped deep inside your heart and mind which can never be crushed.


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