10 signs you’re totally wasting your life

  1. You think too much

You think about others more than you do about yourself. For you, you have a bright future ahead but don’t know how to execute them in reality. There’s always a perfect plan in you mind but you always hide them behind your negative thoughts.

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  1. You curse time instead of praising

You are the one who is always in wait for a perfect moment and correct time (that really never exists). Each moment you live you forget cherishing it.

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  1. Blame game

Your favourite game is the blame game, when things go wrong instead of correcting them you always point out others or find reasons to get rid of it.

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  1. Get influenced quickly

You always believe in what others say, even though you have thoughts for yourself you will always ignore them and listen to what others have to state. You never trust your instincts

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  1. Watch Hindi TV shows

Yes it is, you watch too much of Hindi daily soaps and get stuck in that dramatic world, the data you gain from that is either a stupid romantic story or undesirable beliefs or judgments.

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  1. Thinking God will do some miracle

You believe too much in GOD (That’s a good thing) but you leave your life in his hands and believe he will make way for you, but how? If you don’t do anything how can you expect him to do anything?

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  1. Always looking at others plate

Like said “Grass is always greener on the other side” you are always eyeing at others success and make your self low by comparing you with them.

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  1. Live in Past

Past experience can either be good or bad but how you take it is what really matters. Getting stuck there will only bring a full stop to you beautiful life jouorney ahead.

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  1. Calculating everything with money

Yeah I know money is important. But if you keep measuring each moment/things with it you are actually losing out many valuable things behind.

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  1. Afraid of change 

You are either scared of change or just lack confidence to fulfill your desired dreams.

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