​Once a Mom always a Mom

Can you imagine a life without mother?
Can you imagine the smile on her face when you were born after a big Battle of pain and surgeries?

Have you ever found your truest friend?

Have you found a face with a charm, a heart full of love, hands that made you walk?

If you have a yes as an answer for all the questions than you have truly found the one. One lady who is called by various names Mom, mummy, Aayi, Ma, Mamma. There are 196 countries and 6500 spoken languages in the world but sill meaning, respect, Love for mother is same around every corner of the world.
Every phase of a girl is unique and plays varied roles in her entire life. But she truly realizes her self worth when she delivers a baby.  

Mom’s are the ones who never asked but always gave everything she had. She never gave a second thought when it comes to sacrifice for her child. Sacrifice is just a small term in her dictionary, because her book is filled with love and affection. She chose you because you are more important than her career. She is not just the mother of child but the mother of entire family, root of family. If a mom is uneducated still she will be the best teacher of your life because for her book is not just the only source to get educated. 

What if she doesn’t work she still has numerous job titles with her – Personal chef, CEO of household, Housekeeper, PhD in Anger management, Keeper of secrets, Family Therapist, Lifeguard, Toy repair expert, Beautician, Dramatic story teller, kiss and hugs expert, Boo Boo fixer..Phew.. and many more. Her tasks are endless, which keeps on changing as per demand and supply.

You’ll always realise her value when you are away from her. Because you can survive without food for days but without her its The END. 

So lets celebrate each day with your mother and tell her that – Mom, you just Rock!! 

Never ever search for god in any sculpture, books, beads, stone infact praise your mom instead because she is the Purest form of God.

Salute to all mother’s out there!!


Note from a girl to a girl

Being a girl is by God’s grace but being a boyish girl is exactly my choice. It’s not shoddy to be and dress up like a boy, well it’s just a matter of choice.

Years back i was a shy girl, everyone around me used to laugh at the way i dress and carry myself, nobody ever cared to talk to me because i wasn’t the one who was covered up with the artificial beauty. Never ever had i  applied lipstick, mascara, wore one piece, straighten or curled hair. Being simple was all that i carried along with me.

But today getting up early and seeing a face without make up brings relief to inner peace. To think like a boy to wear like a boy even to be surrounded by boys is my bowl of cherries. Even if i looked like a tomboy doesn’t make me out of this community. 

We hardly tolerate girls trauma, cheezy lines doesn’t work on us, getting screwed up doesn’t make our life end, being single for a long time is not a flaw but an honour, crying on somebody’s shoulder is not what we look for, being particular about my looks doesn’t matter, impressing someone is always at the end of our wish list, we choose shoes over heels, we wear tees rather than one piece, messy hair is our trend, riding bike doesn’t make us shy, being called papa’s boy is our confidence, shouting out loud is way better than whispering, boyfriend.. lol.. yeah we are kind of boy-friend.

We look after a man who accepts us the way we are because handling us is not even his cup of tea.

Proud being a Boyish Girl!!

Yaaron Dosti Badi Hi Ajeeb Hai

Hello Readers,

This is my first blog and it’s Friendship’s Day i couldn’t find any better moment to start blogging😘

Here’s to all the Best Friends who have undergone the below pipeline

Strangers–>college ke 1st day wale friends–>hie bye friends–>lectures bhaithane wale friends–>bunk karwane wale friends–>frankie khane wale friends–>pamplet khilane wale friends–>parenthood friends–>enemies wale friends–>sorry yaar galti ho gayi maaf karde wale friends–>Police station me dalne wale friends–>jaan bachane wale bhi friends–>haasane wale friends–>tho rulane wale bhi Friends–>jaan he aise friends–>setting karane wale friends–>watt lagane wale bhi vahi friends–>rabb se mangwaya he aisa friend–>exam pass karane wale friends–>real life examples set karne wale friends–>life ka real mazza dilane wale friends–>bas aise hi he mere Best Friend😘

We never realise how time flies away, but while looking back it all seems like a pure Hindi Dramatic Movie. Friends are for life, precious than diamond and cheaper than a rupee chocolate. They can neither be compared nor can be stolen.

Cheers to all the best friends out there🙌🍻

Happy Friendship’s Day😎😘