She “knew”

Life was stuff

And she kept telling “oh fu#k”..

High were her dreams

When she looked her hands with cream..

Blessed with creativity

She kept selling smiles even when the world was shitty..

Mind full of thoughts

She still danced on every music she caught..

She knew she was born to fight

And build herself to serve others with a ray of light..

Big was her smile

When somebody walked from a mile..

Spexs dropping on her nose

She still knew how to pose..

Sense of gratitude

Even when her surrounding changed their attitude..

Hands opened in front of god

When she believed in the other form..

Books on her shelve

She kept adding one when she was twelve..

Happiness was the ultimate goal

Though life kept making troll..


10 signs you’re totally wasting your life

  1. You think too much

You think about others more than you do about yourself. For you, you have a bright future ahead but don’t know how to execute them in reality. There’s always a perfect plan in you mind but you always hide them behind your negative thoughts.

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  1. You curse time instead of praising

You are the one who is always in wait for a perfect moment and correct time (that really never exists). Each moment you live you forget cherishing it.

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  1. Blame game

Your favourite game is the blame game, when things go wrong instead of correcting them you always point out others or find reasons to get rid of it.

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  1. Get influenced quickly

You always believe in what others say, even though you have thoughts for yourself you will always ignore them and listen to what others have to state. You never trust your instincts

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  1. Watch Hindi TV shows

Yes it is, you watch too much of Hindi daily soaps and get stuck in that dramatic world, the data you gain from that is either a stupid romantic story or undesirable beliefs or judgments.

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  1. Thinking God will do some miracle

You believe too much in GOD (That’s a good thing) but you leave your life in his hands and believe he will make way for you, but how? If you don’t do anything how can you expect him to do anything?

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  1. Always looking at others plate

Like said “Grass is always greener on the other side” you are always eyeing at others success and make your self low by comparing you with them.

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  1. Live in Past

Past experience can either be good or bad but how you take it is what really matters. Getting stuck there will only bring a full stop to you beautiful life jouorney ahead.

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  1. Calculating everything with money

Yeah I know money is important. But if you keep measuring each moment/things with it you are actually losing out many valuable things behind.

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  1. Afraid of change 

You are either scared of change or just lack confidence to fulfill your desired dreams.

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​Stumped up!!

Whether its day or night, summer or winter time never stops for anyone. Today I have a short story to describe on how these 4 entrepreneur stumped their pitch

Four friends working in well-established firms in top MNC’s, earning say 1 to 2 lakhs per month. They all had an startup plan in their mind from last 3 years but couldn’t execute the idea into the real world. But one fine day they finally gave it shot to jump into the start-up business. 

The idea was easy to imagine but to convert into real was not that easy as it looked. Its rightly said, to start a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. No one can leave a well do job and salary package easily. Majorly the issue is faced by the salaried people because their life is all depended upon their monthly salary. Managing family making them understand about the startup is another task. Cost cutting, leaving comfort zone, finding investors, competitors, revenue, funding and sacrifices at every step. 

That’s what the 4 of them did. They dropped their jobs, left their comfort zone, cut off all unnecessary expenses, went against their families, Why? Because they all had confidence to start something on their own, working for self is way better then working for others. It is tough in the beginning but is not impossible. They took their idea from investors to investors, many rejected because they didn’t see growth in the plan, others because they found their idea to be risky, others because their idea was already taken by someone else. Now here the biggest obstacle is, their are already many similar and stable products and companies in the market, they need to have something different and unique from others.

That’s what they had, though their idea was taken away by someone else still their minds, their thoughts, their motivation, their trust, support, confidence in themselves was strong and they believed if the idea that was copied now was once their formation, so if that can be made so a new and different idea can again be generated only if they had trust and support of each other. Nothing is impossible. People may stab you in the back but giving them a smile is return is something that will keep you different and unique.

And they finally made it, customizing their own product and selling it into the market and investors were lined for them and they nailed it.

Stay positive because your morals are stumped deep inside your heart and mind which can never be crushed.

Keep Recharging!!

How do you recharge your creative spirit?

Do you troll the internet doing research& finding inspiration, or do you sign off and go make something out of your research?

Well..I came across many people who are just so low. Talking to them shows how desperately they need to recharge themselves. I have one of my friends who always use ‘Yaar’ in his every sentence, like

‘I’m so happy for you yaar’ 

‘Lets hangout soon yaar’

‘Party tho banti he yaar’

‘Yeeaay i got a new job yaar’

‘Facebook has so many trolls yaar’

Oh god, so much of sadness in one freaking word (Yaar). Even the happy moments turn sad after adding that word.. so just think what will happen to the sad moments..better lets not think about it😜(stay away from such people as much as possible)

It’s all simply clear.. Dude you just need to recharge your gesture, the way you speak, the words you choose, the attitude you carry, understanding the situation and choose words wisely. No one around you will ever do this on your behalf, they will guide or explain you but executing that in life is your task now. 

Often our mood graph goes from North Pole to South pole and never at equator reason can be anything friends, collogues, family, job, studies etc. and to act cool in every situation is our part to handle. Lets have an example on this. We all recharge our mobile when we know balance is going LOW it isn’t that the company comes to you and says “hey i will recharge it on your behalf”. Never will the company say this to you, similarly at everytime when you feel low or your inner soul is drowning keep recharging yourself with positive thoughts and ideas to it. 

Set goals, think and work on your dreams, exercise, look at your progress, Fake it..till you make it, accept imperfections, and get support. Keep motivating yourself after every hour (if needed) and see the change in you. See the battery percentage in your body it will quickly recharge itself.

Sun rises and it even sets that doesn’t mean the day ends it means it’s time for a new day now. Change your way of looking to the world and see how things get charged automatically 😀

​Diet..Whats that?

DIET…lol where did this word come from? 

I think it’s saying “Darling Eat That“.

Are you the one who regularly follows a strict diet then i think this one’s not for you but yes.. if you are the one who says a big NO to diet.. continue reading..

DIET has DIE in it.. so give it a thought before going on diet. Best creation of human creature till date is food then how can we even compromise on it, Right?

People out there are setting up variety of food food places, bar, cafeteria, canteen, chophouse, coffee shop, joint, hideaway, hotels, cafes and restaurants.. if they are taking up so much efforts to bring new taste to food than we shouldn’t let it go waste. Two things should always go hand in hand and that’s ‘Eat’ & ‘Travel’.Girls are on diet for months to get a flat belly..have you ever realized you have wasted a whole month of delicious yummy food. An entire month of awesomeness. 

Always ask yourself before going on diet, can I survive without social media? Can i click a selfie without a phone? No Right..then how u can be without food? 

Don’t you think having a belly full with food is better than an empty flat tummy. A tummy full with food has a mind full of beautiful thoughts(that’s how i think) i feed my tummy and that feeds my Brain and if ever i lost my mind or say u find me doing stupid illogical stuff the only and solely reason behind it is an empty stomach(that’s true 😂).

I believe we should never dishearten the hard work of all the chefs out there. Respect their hard work and eat whatever they have to serve you

If Work is worship than a meal and tummy are meant to be in relationship..hahaha

Have u ever given a thought ‘A filled up Tummy also saves money’ here is it how- lets imagine you have a tummy full with yummy food and you go out to the super market to buy groceries and here’s where it work. You pick up all the necessary items you require and its proven.. going to supermarket for getting only 4 items in mind never works.. you always come out with 20 more unwanted items, so in this occasion when you have your tummy full you will not have any desire or cravings to buy the extra unwanted stuff (psychologically proven) and there’s where you save your money without spending unnecessarily.

Diet gives birth to mood swings and mood swings give birth to break ups and fights. So its highly recommended to eat first and think later.

A thought before eating is Dangerous but a thought after eating is Marvellous. 

Eat as much as you can until u have this awesome life. Because it’s the only thing that will never disappoint you(unless you are on strict

C’mon foodies put on your hoodies and go out and get some goodies 😂

Complicated, it is!!

​21s century, A complete pack of complications.

What is complication if not referred to a dictionary…. Complication is when i step into a potholes all by myself and cant even blame anyone for it. Yeah today is the era of complications.

When i was a kid the most complicated thing for me was to select between writing with a pen or a pencil. While today’s kids are complicated whether to be or not be in a relationship. Time changed but complication didn’t. Complications is still the same, every human being is complicated. New born baby is sometimes complicated to understand because of it Dumsharaaz (explaining things via actions). Boss is complicated to understand as what does he wants from the employee. Friends are complicated whether to stay in relationship or friendship. Early morning are complicated between tea and coffee, Saturday’s are complicated either to take bath or not to take bath. Birthday’s are complicated what to respond after thank you. Shopping becomes complicated with the selection between  jeans and jeggings.

You see.. nothing in this world is simple. Complications are attached to everything and without any expiry date on it 

But what i saw different is Complicated life have given us an opportunity to try new tastes, different cultures, clothing, new types of relationship and even adds flavours to life. Complications if taken care properly will definitely be the fruitful thing and if not if may even show you stars in the day. 

Valsad CITY and not GAON, Please!!

I know you might not be aware about this city’s name. Because when i used to travel to different cities or states around country i found many different and clueless reaction from people after listening to where i am from. 

So here’s to all the people who think valsad is a goan because you have never heard about it.

Valsad a city of peace. This city was earlier known as Bulsar it’s a municipality in the valsad district of the Indian state of Gujarat. This city is majorly covered with Gujarati people followed by many different religions as well (Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, Jainism, and Zoroastrian)

This city is famous for its yummy Gujarati food : khaman, dholka, khakhra, methi thepla, kadhi, vada pav, chass and many more. If you want to try out some tasty restaurants here it is.

Happiness Palour

Maduli Restaurant

Desi Dhaba 

Hotel Orizon

Udipi Restaurant

Follow the links for best restaurants and their locations 

Tithal Beach… ahha valsad is just incomplete without Tithal Beach, it’s the best tourism attraction surrounded by Swaminaraya Mandir, Sai baba Mandir and street food stalls at the beach. 

Tithal beach is now the reflection of Marine Lines (mumbai) with amazing arrangement of stones and seats, one can relax there and enjoy the sunset with cool breeze and street foods like Bhajiya with chutney, Dabeli, coconut water, chat( secondary option).

Not only this but Valsad is also famous for Alphonso Mangoes (also known as Haafus aam). Summers are best here with delicious sweet Mangoes. Haafus aam are the only source of income for the villagers at times.

The Haafus mango is exported to various countries of the world such as the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and also to cities throughout India. The city also has a Mango Market containing more than 300 Mango Shops which stay fully crowded at the time of Mango Season which is Indian summer — specifically April to June.

Valsad is slowly and steadily moving towards the Metro city. You will also find Sai Leela Mall with latest shopping brands, spa, hotels, and Food court.D-Mart, Domino’s, Pizza hub have added an easy comfort for the valsadians. 

How can i forget this..Navratri – the festival of lights, colour’s, music, dhol, and Garba costumes.The festival is celebrated for nine nights once every year during the beginning of October. Not only the youth but all age groups of people participate and enjoy the Gujarati beats on Navratri. Navratri nights are the best nights in the city. 

Notable people from Valsad city : 

‌• Freddie Mercury (lead vocalists of the rock band Queen)

‌• Moraji Desai

‌• Nirupa Roy

‌• Bindu (actress)

I guess after Reading all this its clear Valsad is a well-known city and not a small goan of Gujarat. Many of us have moved to different metro cities, states, and country but still valsad is still in our hearts and we can never forget it.

Note : I know i might be missing many things about this city, but even this little info can give you a view about Valsad city

Chota sa city hai par apna hai 😇